Sunday, January 02, 2005


Hey, my name's Cassa, and since you're reading my blog I thought that it would be polite to tell you a couple of things about myself.

First, I live in Oklahoma, in an apartment with my husband Rick, our roommate Tommy, his chinchilla Anubis, and our cat, Freya. Oh, we also have three fish of note; a clear/red betta named Eros, a green/white betta we call Ganesh, and a red betta named Mercury. I promise, those are all the inhabitants of our two-bedroom apartment at least that I know of...hmmm.

I work for a call-center that handles DirecTV customer service, and in general, I handle escalated calls. This means that I talk to all of the upset customers and fix their problems. I like my job, but am currently looking for another job, possibly at the Sprint call-center, where my hubby is a technician.

I am very, very, very into knitting and crochet. I taught myself to crochet about 3 years ago, and picked up knitting about a year ago. I also am attempting to teach myself to spin yarn on my spinning wheel, which I have not mastered yet. Currently I am working on three projects actively; a scarf with embossed leaves for myself, a striped afghan also for myself, and a striped hat for Rick. Pictures of said items will be coming shortly. I have a number of other items in the works, but I am not actively working on them at this time.

I plan to talk on this blog about my needle crafting for the most part among other various things, but I will mostly talk about my personal life on my livejournal.

Ta-ta for now!


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Cat said...

Nice start to your blog! The scarf with leaves is quite pretty. Good luck with the spinning- I've been trying to teach myself on a drop spindle for awhile now, and I haven't had the best of results. After a few yards, I get tired and abandon it.