Thursday, October 13, 2005

Look what came in the mail yesterday....

What's this? 100% cashmere laceweight? In the mail for me? Over 2000 yards? Whatever will I do with this! How exciting!

I am noticing this disturbing trend, however. The amount of yarn and roving is still increasing in the yarn cabinet without me really starting on any new projects. I've been devoting a lot of knitting time to Rogue, and until I'm done with her I'm going to have to go on a fiber diet until January at least. I do have a surprise project in the works, however, but you'll have to wait until that's finished before I show you.

Rick was sick today, and Freya decided she wanted to keep an eye on him from the top of the tree-perch. Good kitty. (I think maybe she was interested in the snoring)

And finally, Sunday I went to go to my cousin Kimberly's baby shower. She's having a little boy sometime in November, and we're all looking forward to it.

Her having a baby keeps some of the heat off of me for awhile. That does only leave me as the only mid-age range female cousin without a baby....gulp! (We'll just hope nobody notices that...nobody seemed to at the baby shower.)

Speaking of babies, one of our fish had two babies that survived in her fry, the rest were eaten by the other fish or just didn't survive. We've got them sectioned off in the tank now, and put the more agressive male mollies in another tank. We're really rooting for the little guys! Especially since the other pregnant female passed away unexpectedly today. Grow little guys, grow!

Blogger improvements made recently:
I've figured out how to get the percentage bars working, using photobucket as my storage space. Using the same method, I was also able to start posting buttons!

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