Thursday, December 01, 2005

Knitting on the Edge

The title was care of my DH, and so was this conversation that we had in the car on the way home:

Rick: You know, there are much worse things that you can be doing than knitting.
Cassa: Yeah, but I don't see myself putting down knitting and, say, joining a gang.
(Rick laughs)
Cassa: But of course, I could always form a knitting gang.
Rick: Your rivals could be the ::mocking street-gang voice:: 'East Side Purls!'
Cassa: Ha! Our colors would be beige and grandma baby-blue. This would be our gang-sign ::holds up the 'v' for victory::, except it's a knit stitch. We'd be the South Side Knits!
(Rick laughs)
Cassa: We'd do drive-by's and throw dpn's at people.
Rick: No-there'd be drive-by swatchings where you'd throw your spare swatches at people and show off your skills.

About that time we got home. Just thought I'd share. No real knitting progress right now because we've been busting our posteriors for the past couple of days trying to get our apartment clean for the apartment's annual walk-through. Maybe something next time.

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Emily said...

Hi from another Oklahoma knitter! I just stumbled on your blog--happy knitting!

I love the idea of a knitting gang.