Monday, January 23, 2006

So that you believe....

Here is a picture of the arm-warmers that I've been making. They're working up super-fast. Of course, anything works up super-fast compared to Aunt-Oletta's seed stitch shawl.

I have displayed this picture so that when I show them in their completed state (probably sometime tomorrow), you will believe that I actually did make them. Of course, Kae will know, because I was at her house this evening, knitting on the second one. We really like Kae, a la maison Orchid, as she is nice to Cassa and not only gave her pretty, green, hand-dyed silk top, but let Cassa take up her Sunday evening with Cassa's non-sensical chatterings.

Oh, and this week I made this:

Oddly enough, I believe that is actually what I would look like as a South Park character, except that I would be armed with knitting needles. (Note the fingerless gloves, mwa-ha-ha!)

Ok, enough of this insanity. I'm off to sleep.

1 comment:

Sue said...

Oh, that is too cool Cassa. How about adding a big spinning wheel about twice your size? You cracked me up!