Monday, February 27, 2006

Show and Tell: Firsts

So I had my knitting Olympics project done before the Olympics were over, but I wanted to wait to show everybody. See?

My first socks! A little big, but they aren't superwash, and I'm sure I can (very carefully) fix that. They are so soft and warm, too! I wore them to work yesterday and my feet were nice and toasty all day long.

Oh, and take a look, I've been busy plying and blocking my handspun yarns.

My first finished yarns ever! They would have been done before now, probably, but I left some of this on bobbins for over a year. The yarn on the left was made from a Brown Sheep Co. mill ends roving, the middle was the lorna's laces in Black Purl, and the yarn on the end is a Louet 80/20 mix of merino/silk.

Oh, hey, I also have been trying to diversify so far as what I spin. I've been branching out and trying new fibers. I bought some llama from Ebay awhile back, but more recently, I bought this:

Both of the items shown are silk, to the left a silk roving I bought from a seller on Ebay (I love Ebay, you can find anything there), and the stuff on the right I bought from Carol. She is a lovely lady, by the way. I purchased my silk top at about midnight last Friday, and we emailed back and forth getting everything arranged. I don't know many people who are willing to do business at midnight who aren't up to no good, and I tell you what, this lady was not one of those kinda gals. Very polite. I will definitely buy from her again.

In non-knitting related news, I made Rick go to the doctor today, since he's been coughing like crazy for about a week and a half now, and the doctor said oo ee oo aa, maybe not. Rick does have strep throat, though. I had to go to the doctor again earlier this week, and I have an upper respiratory infection. I'm mostly better, but the decongestant is making me dizzy, so I'm going to go lay down now.

Night everybody!


Anonymous said...

Your socks are lovely! I'm glad you conquered your fear of grafting :) And that yarn you spun- it's beautiful! I personally live in fear of the day that I decide I should learn to spin... I already have more yarn than I can use in a reasonable amount of time!

Congrats on finishing your Olympic knitting!

your Secret Pal

FaerieLady said...

Repeat after me...

The Silkworker is *Crack*!