Thursday, February 16, 2006


Note to self: Know what size needles you need and have them available before commiting so something on the scale of the grand Knitting Olympics.

For those of you who wanted to know, I am knitting on size 6's for Rogue. I have about 3 pair of size 6's in straights, which I need for the sleeves. I also have a number of circulars that if I got froggy I could knit back-and-forth on. So no problem, right?


I need a pair of size 5 straights to make the bias for the beginning of the sleeves. These I don't have (and amazingly the only size 5 circ I could find was like, 10 inches long?) It will be this weekend, which is about half-way through the olympics, before I am able to go to the yarn store and get a decent pair of size fives.


I'm considering just breaking down and making completing my first pair of socks my project for the Knitting Olympics. Thanks to my SP, I already have a pattern, yarn, and needles. Besides, I've been wanting to make a pair of socks and be dubbed a 'sock knitter' for awhile now.

(These are all good justifications, right?)


FaerieLady said...

Go for it :-)

Anonymous said...

I say go for the socks; that yarn is really nice to work with. Good luck keeping up with the Olympics- I've fallen really far behind, but life does that :)

your Secret Pal