Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Busy, busy bee!

So I've been crazy busy doing all sorts of things! First off, I bought a new customized blogging station! HP says that I will be able to blog from it close to the middle of April, but they will let me know if I can blog from it sooner.

Also, my Secret Pal sent me a book! It's Stranded Color Knitting by Nanette Blanchard, an incredibly talented knitter, and I had actually considered purchasing this book on several occasions. The knitting was added for decoration, as taking pictures of books is not very entertaining. I am using some Kidsilk Haze from my stash to make a Branching Off.

Oh, and also, I finally completely, 100% finished my loom! I know, this was a Christmas gift, and it's almost April, but it's sanded, Woodbeamed, it has it's own corner, and is completely constucted. As the French say, observant:

Since it's nearing the end of March, I thought I would also show you my item for the Spectrum-a-long. Kae (who has found a new home on the blogosphere-go check it out) gifted me some of her hand-dyed sock yarn to be my project for March. Well, it's the end of March, so here's a picture of it instead, since I've been busy building looms and spinning in not-so-Spectum-alongish colors:

Isn't it pretty? I have no idea what socks I want to make with it yet.

Something else that's really cool and associated with the Spectum-a-long, is that my postcard exchange pal for April is from, get this, ICELAND! How cool is that! Her name is Carola, and her blog is here. She's way nice, and I'm looking forward to swapping postcards with her!

Oh, yeah, and for those of you who are doubty-moustafas, I do spin. In fact, now that my loom is completely finished, I've already started on sanding my Kromski down so that I can Woodbeams it and put it back together. (Don't think I've forgotten about it, Aubrey-my Kromski has been calling out to me from it's corner while I've been cheating on her with your Louet. But alas, we shall have to talk about making it my Louet with an exchange of funds, then I won't feel as dirty.) I've been spinning some Falkland that was also dyed by Kae of the above sock yarn. Isn't her dye-work just great? See what it makes:

I promise, next time I will give you much better photos which are not so apartmenty or dark.

Ok, well, Rick is looking at me like I'm crazy for 'bloggering' at 1 AM, so I shall be off! Sleep well!


FaerieLady said...

I may dye the stuff, but it's y'all that make it beautiful by spinning or knitting with it!

Aubrey said...

Dearest Cassa - I feel horrid for not calling you or talking to you or commenting to you... I so owe you a LONG conversation. I knew the Louet was to be yours - we'll talk soon. Huggles, dear, and the loom is beautimous...

Aubrey (And Kae does the lovliest stuff....)