Saturday, April 22, 2006


C. Gimenez

We bind her up
In grey ribbons.
They are tight
As corset strings.
We yell to her
Breathe! Breathe! Breathe!
Breathe out that
Black gold
Breathe out your life!
She chokes on our ashes-
But we can’t know
We can’t hear-
Too busy screaming
At each other.
Too busy soaking her
In our blood.
Our blood?
No! Your blood, my blood!
Snuff out those flames
Make it a dark land.
Do you hear your ancestors calling?
They demand respect.
Do you hear the voices calling
Or do they echo in your ears?
We pull so much from her
To fund the war,
Push the war,
Tanks roll,
Muzzles flash,
We all cry
So does she.
The rain falls down black
With her tears.
None of us mind,
We go on killing,
We take without discretion.
When will we stop to realize
When will we see
When we take from her,
You take from you
I take from me.

Happy Earth Day everyone!

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undrwaterlday said...

Happy Earth day daughter of the earth... Nice loom, great computer... cool farm pics. Come on up and get one of the wheat!