Thursday, June 08, 2006

On Brighter and Darker Things...

Ok, so here I am to explain the madness. Believe it or not, there has been knitting to some degree or another since the Knit Corral.

In fact, since I was bugged about not blogging the progression of Branching Out, I will not only show you a picture of it, but it has made it's way to the progression bar.

I can't wait until it's finished, however, I can't stop working on my new project! I started a sock from some yarn I picked up at the Knit Corral, and got this far:

Please note that the sock is 5 inches wide, and extends to the bottom of the ruler. So roughly 5x5 inches, since the cuff was 2 inches, and I did 3 of stockinette stitch. Those of you who may know me will know where I'm going with this ahead of time, but I'll go ahead and say it for anyone reading who hasn't met me personally. My ankle, in no way, shape, or form is 10 inches around. In fact, it's 7 inches around. I ripped all of this back, and started over.

Now, that is the replacement sock, worked past the heel! I'm on the short stretch to the toe, and then we begin the other sock!

Knitters: you may stop reading here. The following has nothing to do with knitting-please skip down to the next section of writing, unless you're just interested. Ok, don't say I didn't warn you!

More recently, my apartment complex re-painted everything, and while they were working on our porch, they moved everything off so they didn't spray our stuff, and then kinda threw it back on our porch when they were done. This past Thursday, I was outside working on setting things to rights, when a wasp came out of our bamboo wind-chimes and stung me on my arm! I ran inside, and washed off the location, and put some hydrocortizone cream on it.

Below is a picture of my arm one week later, all crazy itchy and still gross. You may have to maximize the pic to see the added caption.


Ok, knitters, commence reading again!

I recently finished spinning and plying a falkland/silk mix that Kae dyed back in May. I thought I would do it justice and grab a picture of it in the sunshine with my new hibiscus and daisies we planted last Thursday.

I'll have to show you some new knitting toys I bought next time. Happy knitting!


Caitlin said...

The first picture, the lacy scarf, is very pretty!

Sue said...

Wow, the spinning is quite lovely-it must be the Dutch wheel! I love the color too.