Monday, June 19, 2006

So...What have I been up to? (or, why rabbits are cool)

So Father's day was yesterday as we all know, and I went to go to my Dad's place to spend some time with him. Most of the time while I'm hanging out with Dad these days something happens that one or the other of us grabs our cameras and has to take pictures. Yesterday was no exception to this.

I should probably start here and explain that there have been wild rabbits in my Dad's neighborhood for the past couple of years now. My Dad has a lot of clover in his backyard, so it's no surprise to see a rabbit in the backyard when I come over. If I move really slowly, a couple of them have let me get really close to them.

Imagine my surprise when I look out back and see FOUR rabbits just chilling in the backyard yesterday. Dad let me play around with his new camera, a Canon Rebel XT, and it takes some really good pictures.

There was one rabbit that actually went out of its way to hop over to me, stand about a foot away from me, stand up on its back legs, and smell me. It hopped all around me and then just casually hopped away.

Project Spectrum:

Ok, so it's June, and June is blue for Project Spectum. Since I seem to have a compulsion for all things blue, here are the things in the picture, in this order:
a)A skein of wool/silk that I spun up and finished just yesterday. The batts I spun this from were originally gifted to me from Kae and was purchased from the Silkworker. The colorway is Thesbian.
b)The falkland/silk mix that I showed in the last couple of posts. 'Nuff said about that until I actually make it into something.
c)Some more falkland dyed by Kae that I purchased this evening. I think I have some silk that I will ply it with once spun that is in similar colors.
d)Merino sock yarn purchased this evening, also from Kae. I have a weakness for all things teal.
Background: A blue/green acrylic/mohair somewhat shawl or lapghan that I crocheted a couple of years back.

Leave it to say, I dig blue.

I had conflicting schedules this evening for spin-night out at Mountainview Weavery and my birthday/Father's Day dinner with Dad. What did I do? Why, both of course. I ran up to Edmond to visit for a bit and then rushed down to eat with my Dad.

It was sad, though. I got to see Sue for the last time before she goes to California for three years. We'll be keeping in touch, I'm quite sure, but it still made me sad nonetheless.

I hate goodbyes.

I did manage to take a picture of a portion of the spinner's group. (It's just about impossible to take a picture of everyone the way that the room we spin in is built) Wanda has a gorgeous house.

Ahh....look at the wheels, the wheels...

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Barbara said...

Nice blog! It will take me a while to read through your archives.. Found you through your comment on Kae's blog, I think it was. Did it take you long to learn to spin? I got my first wheel this past Christmas, but after a few failed attempts, it's been collecting dust (unfortunately).