Tuesday, July 25, 2006

OMG!! (and updates)

Ok, so it's time for some updates!

First we have the angora that I have been spinning lace-weight FOREVER!! This angora is, in it's ability to never end, sucking my soul out of my body. Eh, at least whatever I make out of it will have a piece of me in it.

Next we have my latest endeavor-knitting a set of kitchen washcloths for Rick. He says he won't use them until we move, so I'm stockpiling them for the new house. I'm using the ball-band washcloth pattern from my Mason-Dixon knitting book. There were 5 complete, however two of them were gifted to my brother Dustin, who just got an apartment with his girl-friend, Melissa.

Next is my Blue Sky Alpaca tank top. I think the pattern is the Fitted Tank pattern, but I don't have the pattern in my immediate vicinity to verify this. As you can see in the picture, I have the front complete and half of the back. I really need to stop knitting washcloths for an afternoon and finish the tank top. Hrumph.

Oh yeah, and the highlight of my afternoon was, get this-I MET THE YARN HARLOT!!! Yes, THAT Yarn Harlot! I remember a blog entry of hers I read awhile back where she talked to Martha Stewart on the radio show and was struck speechless. I wonder if Mrs. Pearl-McPhee realizes that I surely had a mini-heart attack when she actually said words to me. Of course, though, I made a dufus out of myself. She said on her blog today (or um, yesterday, since it's 15 after midnight right now) that Oklahoma City was very flat. So what do I say when I see her, 'Sure Oklahoma is flat, we had the Dust Bowl'. DOH!

I suppose that I made up for saying goofy things, though, since I gifted to her 10 oz of Lorna's Laces wool in the Black Purl colorway.

I also met two bloggers from Texas, Pam and Chris. Please know that I thought that the two of you were incredibly nice and will not embarass you by posting the crummy picture I took of you on the internet.

So, in closing, OMfreakingG! I met the Yarn Harlot!!! I also made some friends and finished stuff!


chris said...

It was great to meet you last night, too! And I acted like a big dork when I talked to the Yarn Harlot, too . . . I'm still a little bit in shock!

P-la said...

It was great meeting you too!!! The whole way home Chris and I just kept saying...We Met The Harlot!!! Squeeeee!!!
(oh and it's Pam, but that's ok!)

KatyaR said...

I think the squeeing's been echoing all over OKC today, 'cuz we've been doing it too!

It was too much fun, wasn't it? I wanted to stuff Stephanie in my bag and take her home with me--she was just the greatest.

"Cupcake," huh? I'll have to remember that for later :<))

Kristen said...

I got here by way of the links in Stephanie's post. Awesome that you got to meet her!

Also, your cat is beautiful. :)

katie said...

Hah! I saw you Tuesday night, though I didn't know you were a blogger. Now I do because you're on the Harlot's site and you're famous! lol

Glad you had a good time. (I'm still a little giddy!).

Missy said...

I saw you at the Yarn Harlot shindig as well. Aren't you the one that Regina said dyed the Muppet Guts top?

kaoticorchid said...

Nah, Regina was surprised that I didn't bring any as I am friends with Kae of Faerielady Fibers, who dyes the Muppet Guts top. Her shop is at http://faerieladyfibers.com/. She doesn't have any Muppet Guts up on her site right now, but go check it out! She has lots of good stuff to spin!