Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Results!

Ok, so we went, we did, we left. The somewhat perfect house aforementioned was not quite so perfect after all. We went to the house, and although it had lots of charm, tons of really neat nooks and crannies, two stories, four bedrooms and a bang of room...

it also had rotten-out single-paned windows, ancient electric, a cracked foundation, a tilted upper bedroom, a sagging porch, a central air-conditioning unit that was broken, a well-house that had unburied, old, cracked lines....I probably shouldn't go on, but I could.

We left that house and went to another house that our realtor, my Aunt Laurie, had lined up for us to go see. This house had a new roof (this year), a new air-conditioning unit, new carpet and paint, was only slightly less sq ft as the other house, but made up for it with a GARGANTUAN backyard (over a 1/3 of an acre), new windows, a two car garage, a nicer neighborhood and....and...

we put a bid in on it. There were two other bids on it, and we won't know until tomorrow if our bid was accepted or if one of the other people bidding on it bid higher than us.

We saw a really beautiful skyscape when we were leaving this house, too.

The anxiety is killing me.

Luckily I have knitting.

The ever-growing stack of dishcloths:

(There are 11 now, with the 12th half-way done)

The Virginia Tank, which I could not position so as to take a decent picture of it. We may have to wait until it's longer than 5 inches for that.

And the surprise I was mentioning before, a nearly finished ab-fab throw!

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Sue said...

Wow!!!!!!!!! Love the color action on the throw. I hope your bid gets accepted - I think you need a break from the dish cloths.