Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Someone's been busy

Have I got a stack to show you.

I've been working on more of the Ballband washcloths from Mason Dixon knitting. I LOVE this pattern as it is incredibly easy to knit while doing other things.

The bottom three are the new additions. I still have ten more balls and a cone of Ecru, so these will probably be popping up for some time. It only takes me 3 1/2 hrs altogether to knit one.

There was a bit of a catastrophy, however. I finished the washcloth shown above to the far left on the bottom today at work. I was incredibly happy, and put the small amount of leftover yarn in my bag along with the washcloth and my needles. At the end of the day I started putting my things away and I heard a distinct SNAP! from the bottom of my bag. I look in and what do I see but one of my bamboo knitting needles split along it's side. I am SO mad about that, because it was totally avoidable and my favorite size 7's from Crystal Palace-just the right size to knit washcloths and the needles were not so incredibly long as to avoid whapping everything around me as I knit.

Oh, hey, I'm sure that nobody remembers this:

I'm sure you don't, because I didn't either. This was a scarf that I fell out of love with about a year and a half to two years ago. I was going through my wip drawer tonight, poking about to see if I could find any other size 7's (nope, didn't find any), and came across it. I decided that it had languished about the drawer long enough, and so it became this:

And I wish it the best in it's next life!


FaerieLady said...

Ahhhh you released the yarn from it's place in limbo!

Procrastiknitter said...

I'm in the ball-band dishcloth bandwagon myself. I think I've made at least 20 this summer. Also a RIP to you size 7 Bamboos. I HATE when that happens.

Katt said...

Love the dishcloths! They look fantastic.

Bummer about the needle breaking!