Sunday, August 13, 2006

Watching Life through a Glass Window: Part Deux

Ok, so maybe I should start calling this 'The Phone Room Reports', what do you think? Anyway, I'm back in the phone room at work (on a Sunday-blech) and I happened to notice that the lovely ladies over at The Anti-Craft have posted the latest edition! There are (eh-hem) some somewhat adult knitting patterns, but overall I thought it had some neat stuff in it.

Go check it out!

In other news, do you remember the post a couple of posts back about how my perfect bamboo size 7's snapped in my bag? Well, I was able to go to the yarn store last week and bought an even more perfect pair that was shorter than the ones before and even better for dishcloth making. Night before last, I was sitting on the couch, and my room-mate was on my laptop at the coffee table in front of me. He put his arms back on the couch and went to lift himself up when suddenly there was a very clear 'snap!' that I thought sounded strangely familiar. Tommy said, 'Oh, no!' which of course confirmed my fear. He had snapped my SECOND pair of perfect bamboo needles.

Suddenly I find myself thinking that they might not be so perfect after all. Maybe I can find a nice, short, plastic pair.

Hmm...maybe tonight I'll post some pics of the latest washcloths, and some spinning I did yesterday. Oh, and a surprise!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Cassa,

I am the person who will be sending some dish cloths your way so I just thought that I would drop by and say g'day ;)