Sunday, September 03, 2006

A little bit of fun

So I'm still sick. I went to the doctor yesterday and they put me on a different kind of antibiotics and weighed me down with some more decongestant and sent me home again. I'm ok for the most part, this sinus infection just won't go away, even though I got my voice back and the throat infection is gone.

There has been some knitting, however. I've been working on this rug (which is tons of fun, btw), but I'm not sure I like the overall look of it so far. I want it to fit in with the kinda whimsical look that we're going to do our living room in once we move, but I'm just not sure about this orange that's in it. See?

The guys think that once I start getting in some of the browns that I have planned for it, it will help to tie the orange in with both the browns and reds that will be in it. I'll knit for about another yard or so and then I'll decide.

I came up with a neat way to decide what color I'm doing next, too. I roll dice to plan the next color and how long it's going to be. I made a list of the colors I had (thirteen) and then reserved color numbers 13,14,15, and 16 for ecru, which matches the floor of our new place. Then I roll 2 8-sided dice (or 2d8) to decide the color. After that, I roll 1 10-sided dice to determine how long I want it. It's a great way to keep me interested in it, since I've only got 1 yard of it done, and I still have 19 yards left!

It's been raining here a lot, which I think is part of what's kept me sick. The rain has brought with it some good things, too, however:

This cute fairy-ring of mushrooms (I think they're cap mushrooms, but I could be wrong) came up outside of the main window of our apartment. I think that the picture above was pretty enough that I may have it blown up and professionally printed and framed for our new place.


Sue said...

Hey, that shroom in the middle looks like a fanny. Seriously though- it's a really nice photo.

Procrastiknitter said...

Sorry to hear that you are still sick. ((HUGS)). I'm glad that it's raining a lot there, because here in Bartlesville we keep missing it all. It goes to Tulsa! LOL. BTW, I agree that that big mushroom looks like a bum! LOL