Monday, October 23, 2006

What a Beautiful Morning!

oooor af-ternoon!

I am back! My poor laptop has recovered! I have pictures to show you! Whee!

First, I want to thank my Dishcloth Swap pal again, she sent me this:

It has Tim Tams, which is an Australian chocolate cookie (YUM! btw-way too easy to get addicted to), some stitch markers (way cute!), a card with a kookaburra picture on the front, and three dishcloths made out of pachuko cotton! They are soooooo soft (and in answer to your question, Shazza, it is a household rule that hand-knits get used, so yes, we will be putting the dishcloths to use).

So thank you so much!

Also, since I couldn't post pictures for Eye Candy Friday last week, here's one to make up for it. These are some Mums growing in our back-yard under our pecan tree.

Someone was also telling me recently that they wanted a Noir update. Well I'm glad to say that she's doing fine. We bought her a dog-house recently, and we think she hasn't figured out what to do with it yet. She keeps dragging her bedding out of it and sleeping on the bedding. If it gets cold enough, we figure that she'll figure out that she's supposed to sleep INSIDE the dog-house. Here's a picture of her I took a little over a week ago, she's getting big, fast!

Also, I made a button for the Soaring Eagles Project. (see side-bar) Anyone in the OKC area who wants to participate but doesn't want to pay for shipping can feel free to either drop it off at my place, when you see me next, or we can arrange a get-together to pick it up.

I'm off to go fix an electric socket-wish me luck! If you don't hear back from me, I've probably electrocuted myself!


Carol said...

Nice to see you back! Ooooo she's soooo cute! Don't forget to turn off the breaker switch!

Sharon said...

Enjoy ;)

Sharon xx