Thursday, November 30, 2006

Hey Baby, It's Cold Outside!

It started sleeting outside tonight just before Rick and I left work to come home, but I went to work prepared, which is why I looked like this when I got home:

(The kitty-hat that I'm wearing was something that I put together with two silk/falkland mixes that I made from Kae's carded batts. The scarf I'm wearing was the first scarf that I crocheted and still one of my favs.)

I walked in the door and tossed my new hat and my old, reliable scarf down next to:

Why it's another of Kae's falkland rovings, lovingly known as Kermits Guts to you and me, all spun up and ready for a bath.

As soon as Rick walked in the door, what do you think that he was rearing to do with it being so cold outside? No, not that, silly. This instead:

He lit up a fire in our fireplace. (We had smores, it was good. Since I know someone is going to ask, that is a medieval re-enactment helmet to the right of the frame.) I wanted to do something else, however, that would help me to be warm in the long-run.

I started to ply up some of the angora/wool mix that was gifted to me by Kae, but is originally from the Woolen Rabbit. (This is the same mind-sucking, brain draining fiber that has not ended it's torment to me since March) I want to eventually make a pair of socks out of it to wear while I am spinning since my feet get so cold while I'm treadling away. I looked up at the bobbin just before bed-time and saw...

Oh well, maybe I'll finish another day.


soxchik said...

My gawd, she's sprouted ears!!!!!! Seriously- my daughter Stephanie loves your hat. Cats are one of her areas of obsession. Maybe you should do the tail next.

Procrastiknitter said...

I'm feelin' ya Cassa! It's SOOO cold here too. It's been sleeting for over 3 hours and I hear there's around a foot of snow for us up here in Bartlesville. I just wish there was school here in town so my kids would go to school so I could have the day to myself! LOL.

FaerieLady said...

Ok lady, I want a closeup of that hat!