Friday, November 10, 2006

I have a horrible disease called Lackoftitleitis

I really am sorry about the lack of created titleage.

I wanted to stop in and say thank you to all of those who posted nice comments about Shinji, or have contacted me and talked to me about him passing, it really helped. I really miss him, and it's hard to look at our room-mates chinchilla and not think of Shinji.

I started working on my Mom's arm-warmers (finally) today. I promised her that I would make them for her back in January, and they've kind of been a long time coming. I don't get to see Mom very often, so when I was up there we picked out yarn for them. I picked out some different yarn after that, since the stuff that I ended up getting first was really, really bad. After that I switched patterns, and the pattern seems to be working much better with the yarn that I finally ended up with. I am using Seaside from Magknits and the yarn I'm using is karaoke that I got from in color 286. I found some really nice copper beads at a local bead shop, Alouette.

I am about halfway through one of the armwarmers, hopefully I will have one finished by the end of this weekend and a picture of what I've got some time this evening. I am not sure, though, since my room-mates girlfriend, Larissa, is coming into town from Wisconsin for a week. She's really nice, and it should be fun-she's interested in fiber arts, but doesn't know much about knitting or spinning. Maybe she'll end up going home with a spindle and some fiber if I have any say in it!

Also, I got added to the Knitting Blog webring! Yay! I've been waiting awhile to get added, so it's definitely cool, especially since now you can actually use those little arrows on the sidebar of my blog for it now.

Alright, folks, I'm going to go and actually eat my lunch instead of typing through it. Have a wonderful Friday, and a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

And Mom Says, Yippeeee!!! a;;coit ;aen d//jnseoo (sorry, I can't type, because my hands are soooo cold!)

Carol said...

Looks like you better hurry! And a chance to "convert" a non-knitter/spinner too! Sounds like a fun week!

Nicole said...

How fun for your friend... a chance to vacation somewhere warmer (I've SEEN pictures of the recent snow... shudder) and learn how to spin. I wish I were so lucky!