Monday, December 04, 2006

So I can take artsy photos of my knitting, too!

I've been busy!

This is a headband that was inspired by a cable I saw in Nicky Epstein's book Knitting on the Edge. I started this over a year ago in some Elsebeth Lavold Angora, and finished the knitting but stopped short of grafting the edges together. I had intended to make it into a Coronet style hat, but after about three hours getting the grafting just so a couple of days ago, it told me that it wanted to be a headband instead. I don't really like headbands all that much, but I tried it on and voila! the yarn was right.

Out of the WIP drawer and onto my head!

I finished plying the yarn tonight at the Spinning Night get-together. When I got home I skeined it and figured out the yardage. Wanna see?

Wanna know how much yardage I have? 564 yards. What on Earth am I going to do with 564 yards of this, when really I wanted just about 200 yards to make socks out of? Do you realize that I had to at least spin 1128 yards of singles to get that! No wonder I was going out of my mind!

In other fibery news, today was a very fiber-filled day. We aren't talking Wheaties, either. Yesterday I went over to Kae's place, and she helped me to dye the blue-faced leicester that I was wanting to spin for the Dye-Spin-Knitalong. She will tell you that all she did was mix the dye, and that I picked them out and poured them. I will tell you that she helped me to scour the wool, showed me what to do with the dye to mix it and how to get it on the fiber properly, and showed me how to set the dye. That sounds to me like a whole lot more than just mixing the dye.

Either way, no matter whose story you go by, here is the end result.

She brought it to me today, much more dry than I had left it last night, to the Spinning Night. She also brought the Hamper of Doom, and I ended up bringing home a silk/falkland mix, 8 oz of carded falkland, and (a partridge in a pear tree) a falkland braid. Earlier in the day I had picked up some undyed (really well-processed) alpaca from a lys, Gourmet Yarn Co.

I also had a package waiting for me when I got home from running around this afternoon. A couple of weeks back, I had purchased an alpaca/merino/silk mix from Susan's Spinning Bunny in the colorway Chocolate Covered Cherries. It has a lot of pink in it, but it's still really pretty. Observe:

I think that I can deal, though. It's still really pretty. Maybe I will go spin some onto my newly-emptied bobbin.


soxchik said...

Wow, your dye job came out scrumptious. I cannot wait to see how it spins up.

Anne said...

I'll be anxious to see how you like that colorway and fiber blend from Susan's. I just started spindle-spinning some wool roving in a blue/green colorway which I love. I'll bet the silk will really make it shine!

Carol said...

I have got to catch up on my reading! Love the headband! You sure are swimming in fiber, your yarn is gorgeous!

FaerieLady said...

Dude. I really *did* just mix the dye...

The rest of it was just proof of my inability to shut my mouth!