Tuesday, September 04, 2007

All The Things We Meant To Do But Didn't

How about we get to this lovely little mushroom that I found growing in my garden before we get started, shall we?

It may seem pretty amazing (ok, so it does to me) but the large mushroom in the picture was no more than a quarter of an inch tall. I had to whip out the macro lense for that one.

So I meant to have a finished project to show you today that was not the Monkey sock but I haven't really told you about yet. I also meant to have the Monkey sock finished. In addition, I meant to have finished the Ab-Fab throw that I've been working on for over a year now an am only 15 rows and some fringe away from finishing. On the non-knitting front, I meant to get the hedge trimmer after our Japanese boxwoods out front. I meant to vacuum the house and catch up on our laundry.

Instead I didn't. I goofed off with Rick and my friend Daniel on Sunday and went bowling (YAY!!!) after going to buy a new washing machine and pedestal (Ahhhh! It's going to be the best ever) at Lowe's. I spent most of Monday dealing with Lowe's while they tried to get our washing machine to us. (The first problem was that the one they had the top was all messed up on with huge dents and didn't fit on right and whatnot. I sent them back and told them to bring me one that I didn't have to worry about exposed or damaged circuitry on. They went to the warehouse and then didn't have it. Then they had to call a bunch of stores to see if anyone else had it. Nobody had it. So they're having one shipped to them and hopefully everything will be in on Thursday, because ours is leaking awful bad and we. Are. NOT. FIXING IT AGAIN!) After that was taken care of Rick mowed and weed-eated the front lawn and I raked it.

Then, it was dark.

Ok, so instead of doing the things that I said above I meant to do so that I'd have something to show you today, I am going to give you a list of the order of the next projects I want to finish (or the things I mean to do), after the Monkey, second waving flame sock, second Monkey and Ab-Fab throw. These are all on my active knits list, so they aren't in the 'intending to knit' list.

1. Mom's armwarmers (These have to get done. Mom's been bugging me about them for awhile, and Rick won't stop bugging me about having to hear Mom bug me. Nobody is happy. It is not good. These MUST get done.)

2. Sheldon

3. Clapotis

4. Everlasting Bagstopper

5. Dishcloths (with Cotlin, gotta test this stuff out!)

That's about as far away as I like to think. Of course, this list is subject to change as situations arise and change. Other than Clapotis, most of these are small enough that I may be able to make them 'work-bag projects'.

Next week: Finished Projects and Some Spinning

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Carol said...

I love your photos! If I got done all I meant to, I'd be supawoman! You too;) There's a new KAL called 2nd Wave Clapotis if you haven't already joined! It starts 9/23 :)