Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Journey Not Finished

So I know I've been gone for a week or so without any explanation and without checking in. I was busy helping plan a trip to Omaha, Nebraska to see a friend who is really ill. He is recovering from what has been confirmed to have been West Nile. I say 'have been' and 'has been' because the virus is gone for the most part and the brain swelling has subsided, but he is still suffering from what happened while he was trying to hang on to life. My friend lost the ability to use the creative part of his brain due to the damage from the swelling, as well as the ability to control his motor functions, short term memory, and speak. I titled this entry for him, as he's not in a good situation right now, and has a long struggle to get back on his feet again.

Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers-it has to be extremely difficult to be completely mentally aware and not be able to walk or move your arm or speak or remember what happened an hour ago.

Here are some sunflowers for him.

After our trip to Omaha, we went to my Mom's place in Wichita for a couple of days. It was revitalizing to see that there, no matter how upset seeing a friend so unfairly dealt a bad hand made me, new life could still begin. It gives me hope.

These chicks are only 2-3 days old each. They were soooooo fluffy.

I believe I told you last time I posted that I was close to finishing the Colinette Ab Fab throw. Well. That happened. Click to make big. Go on, you know you want to.

Be proud of me. I actually got up at 7 AM in order to take these pictures. The 'I'm So Sleepy I Want To Go Back To Bed' look? Absolutely authentic.

Now, about that Monkey sock-maybe next week.

(P.S.-thank you for all of the nice comments about the job. I ended up not getting the matching dryer because we took this big trip. It was worth it to see our friend, however.)


Carol said...

My thoughts, prayers and wishes for the best possible outcome go to your friend. You can always save for the dryer but not the kind effort it takes to be a friend. You two are so good :) Speaking of good, your Ad Fab Throw is spectacular! I hope you'r eputting that up in Ravelry too! What a work of art! And thanks for the birdie shot! I loves birdies!

Eric & Tony said...

Great job on the AbFab!

soxchik said...

My God, what a horrible virus. I'm sending warm wishes for rehab.

Joy said...

Hugs and prayers for your friend. That throw is beautiful, what yarn did you use? The chicks...OMG the chicks! I miss having chickens. AND, synthesesia...hmmm...looked it up...sounds like I'm not nearly as strange as I thought I was :)