Tuesday, December 18, 2007


A big thanks to everyone for all of the well-wishing after my last post! We got power back last night...and then it went back down for a couple of hours...then it came back up. It stayed up all night, so we're hoping this is a for-good type thing. Especially since I want my house to not smell like a chimney anymore.

Progress update:

We have decided that the term 'Prego' is not an appropriate term of endearment for a pregnant woman. This only enangers said woman and makes her threaten to punch you. Terms such a 'Little Mama' are slightly more acceptable.

Rick has taken to calling our child of unknown sex our 'Taco Bender'. I find this humorous, and for those of you who do not know, Rick is Mexican, which makes this acceptable.

It is not ok for your obstetrician to reschedule your appointment that you made two weeks ago unless it is an emergency. Pregnant people are a bit unstable, and I'm surprised that obstetrician secretaries are not made aware of this. I may be switching obstetricians after this appointment.

Week #6. Maybe this week will go a bit smoother.


FaerieLady said...

:falls over laughing:

Taco bender??

Good thing I'm Puerto Rican. LoL

Btw, I changed obs my second month. First guy was an ass. Second one was much better.

Carol said...

Glad your power is back! I do know life without power for long periods of time well. Seems your mommy glands have kicked in. Good!

soxchik said...

Taco bender is great! I couldn't top that one. I am so glad that you have power again.

Kary said...

Congratulations!!! I've been a bad blog reader, so I'm just catching up. Love the taco bender nickname-just try not say it so much that you end up calling the baby that in front of other people. We called Emma "the lump" so much we had to call her Lumpy when she was a baby. Strange looks-that's all I'm saying...