Sunday, February 03, 2008

St. Brigid's Silent Poetry Reading

(A day late, I know, however, I was busy yesterday. Speaking of which, yarn-related activities tomorrow.)


I can not see you yet
Though you inhabit my dreams
and fill my body with
your own yearnings.
I keep waiting to see
that swell of my belly
to tell me that you are coming.
I wait, are you real
or am I still asleep?

I can not hear you yet
Though your complaints
rock my stomach
as if I were on a boat.
I keep waiting to feel
your quick movements
to assure me that you’re well.
I wait, but instead
I am greeted with silence.

She tells me as I lay still
the image on the screen is you.
So small as you move about,
Suddenly you are real.
She tells me that you’re strong
While I listen to the hushed thumping
I close my eyes and imagine,
Suddenly you have a voice
And I am reassured.

-C.R. Shafer

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Carol said...

Beautiful choice:)