Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Waiting in Line

You know, I am fairly certain that I have never met a person who liked waiting in line (who wasn't a knitter, and then sometimes even they don't like this either). It's generally not fun if it's a long line at the grocery store (especially if the lady at the checkout is scanning.very.slowly.). Sometimes it's fun if you're 8-years-old and you're excited about waiting in line at a theme park for a really great ride, but I tend to find that most lines are about as exciting as licking stamps (aren't we all glad that they have the sticky-backed ones now?).

I am waiting in a line right now and there aren't even any people around me. It is a strange sort of line where I'm anxious about what's on the other end and impatient to get the rewards when it becomes my turn, but it is a long, long line indeed. I will fall asleep and be waiting in line again when I wake back up, my spot saved for me by an invisible computer system. I am so distracted by waiting that I can't get any work done at work, and everything that I do at home is with the sole intention of getting me 'undistracted' so I can sleep at night and not be so busy worrying about the line, which will not go any faster or slower no matter how time passes.

I'm waiting for my ultrasound appointment, which is not until next Wednesday morning. 8 more days. I know I can make it 8 more days. I say it over and over in my mind, 'I can make it 8 more days'.

I have been trying all manners of distractions from this thought that keeps cycling in my brain. Yesterday, I (with some assistance) broke down the raised bed around the pecan tree in our backyard, reset the timbers so there weren't giant gaps between them, mixed in some extra soil, planted some bright poppies and some seeds for other various flowers, and mulched. I have pictures at home, but am posting from work before my shift starts, so I'll have to show you when I get there.

I have also been working like mad to finish this pair of socks I've been working on before then, and should be done by Friday, because I know that Wednesday I have to go shopping for baby blanket yarn. Then I have to start knitting like there's a fire under my bottom. I haven't decided what pattern I'm going to knit, but am pretty confident that I will have to buy yarn for it whatever it may be due to the shortage of baby blanket yarn in my stash.

Ugh...baby blankets. Babies. 8 more days, I know I can make it 8 more days.

I can see this is going to be a long week.


soxchik said...

Just hang and try to distract yourself! I vote on a round blanket, kind of taco shaped!

Carol said...

I wish I could say some magic words to ease your anxiety. Nothing makes busy like waiting! Are you going to find out what kind of baby you're having?

Anonymous said...

8 days can be an eternity. Knit something for yourself. Join a quick KAL. How about a comfy pair of socks?

Kary said...

Too bad you can't drink yourself to distraction, huh? I second the taco-shaped blanket idea...maybe a soft taco baby blanket?