Wednesday, October 01, 2008

This Stop....Parentville

First off, thank you to everyone who gave well-wishes when I had baby c. I really appreciated it and I want everyone to know that it really made me happy to come home and read all of the great comments and emails.

This is baby c with the blanket that I finished knitting moments before her great arrival.

I also wanted to thank my good friend Soxchik for the nice warm socks and matching booties for baby c. I must tell everyone that they are so crazy cute that I get all mushy when I see them and promptly forget to take a picture of them for the blog.

How is she doing? Fantastic. She is two months old as of this past Saturday, and it hardly feels that way. Today was Rick's birthday, even, and time has passed so fast that Rick's birthday didn't get it's rightful post to itself even. We find we are sharing everything with baby c these days...sleep...knitting time...noisy car rides...dinner. All of it in one way or another. We decided that I would stay home with her for some time as I decided to breastfeed, which has moved her along from the 7 lbs even she was born at and taken her to 10 lbs 5 oz the last time we checked, which was two weeks ago.

It's been great though, watching her get to the point where she can focus in on us and talks back to us in that googly baby language when we talk to her. Last week she learned that she can wave her arms around and hit her crib toy to play with it-this week she learned that if she has her hand open and hits it that she can grab it. She is smiling more these days, but her smile is elusive and escapes my camera every time. Every day is something new or slightly different than it was yesterday.

Oh, yeah, the last bit that I wanted to make sure I covered-thank you for your patience during my sabbatical. Not too sure how often I will be able to post tethered to the baby as I am, but I figure two months was definitely long enough.


AmyC said...

That is one precious little girl. I love the blanket you knit. I hope all is well with you. See you at SWAK sometime.

Carol said...

I've been away too. Baby C is off the chain adorable. You're doing a great job mom!

Anonymous said...

Lookit the lil' sweetie... (that's my attempt at typing baby talk) Congrats!