Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Under the Microscope

I never thought that I would find myself in the sort of situation where I would have to be more careful than I already am in regards to what I say or post on this blog. Recently, it has come to attention that perhaps I ought to be. I have always been somewhat reserved when it came to talking about religion on this blog or politics, which as far as I am concerned are the two hot-button issues for most people.

Honestly, I'm careful enough that I didn't think that I needed any further moderation. Clearly, I may be mistaken.

There is someone in my past that I really don't care to have intimate personal details on my life. A psychotic, stalker-type fellow who has made it his business to keep as close of tabs on me as I have on him. Mostly, I have kept track for my own safety, as in the past this person has behaved in a very unscrupulous manner so far as matters pertaining to me. I think of it much like a fist fight-wouldn't you rather know someone was about to strike you so that you could react and block the blow instead of being surprised by it? Call it conspiratorial if you must. I spent two years in his company listening to insane conspiracies to doubt that he'd cook up a couple himself.

Anyway, this person, either by reading my blog or through some mutual friend who has lost their mind temporarily, has found out about baby c. My pregnancy was by no means a secret, so I'm sure that their finding out about her was in fact, innocent. But the fact remains that I would be an irresponsible parent to continue to post about her and post pictures of her should they land in this fellows' hands. Therefore, I won't.

In the past I've taken the attitude that if I ignored him long enough that perhaps he might take the hint and stop trying to place himself back in my life. Maybe posting this will be allowing him to do exactly that, since I have to consciously think about what I am posting again. But I won't allow this person to hurt my family. He once promised me that if I left him that he would do everything that he could to ruin my life. I think that perhaps it would be best to not provide him the tools to do so.

All of the rest of my posting will continue as normal, but I wanted to be sure I explained the lack of information/updates/pictures of baby c until I feel it's safe to post them again.


Anonymous said...

I'm really sorry that you have to censor yourself for safety's sake. I hope that this person takes the hint and leaves you alone. I'm not sure why people have to waste energy in annoying and possibly hurting someone else. I hope that it soon can be resolved. Kudos for you for taking a stand!

Rachel said...

Oh sweetie! I'm so sorry! i had to move my blog this year for that very reason, but that reason was a psychotic estranged MIL. Just PM me updates about baby girl on Ravlery! LOL. ((((HUGS))) and here's to hoping that the unwanted, realize it and go away!

Carol said...

Hey you :) Sorry I've been so absent lately. This really bites, I hate to think anyone would be that way towards you. I've missed so much, a lovely tribute to Ricardo and of course, your darling girl. I'm happy to read whatever you deem OK to post. Happy thoughts~x

Joy said...

Ugh, what a delightful mess.

When I'm posting super private things on my blog I password protect them and only a few very close family members have that password.

For the same reason as you.

Stalkers suck.

*waves Her magical Be Gone Wand*