Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Chicken with my Head Cut Off!

So. I have been crazy busy lately, but some of it is the cause of good news that I come baring.

I'm vending at Rendezvous! Whoot! (For those not in the know, Rendezvous is our little fiber festival that our local spinning group puts on every year.) I'll have both my sock yarn (60% superwash merino/20% cashmere/20% nylon) and 7 lbs. of merino 64s!!! Of course, I don't have any pictures because I've been too busy dyeing it all!

Speaking of which, I had a wonderful blast with Fae (and daughter D) dyeing up some yarn this past Saturday. I also got to see J, whom I haven't seen in a good long while, and his son.

Also, baby c has cut her first two teeth, and the two next to them are visible in her gums. They're driving her mad and she's chewing (let's not forget drooling, too) on EVERYTHING! Rick insists she learned the drooling behavior from Miss Penny.

Boy, we're working on a full alphabet, aren't we? So far we have baby c, D, and J all in one post!

Ah, Rick and I have also been working on digging out two beds in the backyard for various purposes. We removed some bushes earlier in the year so that I could have a flower bed that wrapped around the porch. Rick wanted a vegetable garden this year, so he removed some bushes that were around the storm cellar and is working on getting that running. Hopefully I'll have some nice gladiolus, crocosmia, columbine and dahlias later in the year!

I have been working on some additional things for the yard as well. Some plant trades are in the works to get clematis multiblue after a two-year search and passiflora incarnata for one of our side fences. Hopefully I'll have some morning glory vines as well, but those I'm starting for seed and as of today have a total of 4 that have germinated!

Enough garden ramblings! I'm off to feed a baby, eat some pizza and watch Ghost Hunters!


soxchik said...

Good luck with your Rendezvous vending. Send my love to everyone. I'm jeal.

Faerielady said...

Well it's nice to see you here... :-)