Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Anti-Yarn Year

So I realized today as I was cruising knitpicks website for some sock yarn that I haven't bought much yarn for myself this year. I only have made one yarn purchase for my Aunt Lanada's hat (which I have yet to start, but is next on my project list, I promise!) and then yarn purchases for yarn to dye and sell.

That's a big change for me, and makes this the Anti-Yarn Year. Honestly, the cause of most of this is baby c's birth. I neither have the mode of transportation to take me to the yarn store, nor the funds to buy yarn with should I be able to get there. Anything that I have knit this year, which hasn't been much, besides this most recent, un-blogged about burst, has been from stash yarn. I just haven't been able to justify a purchase for myself. I have bought and bartered some fiber at Rendezvous, but that was about it.

You know, though, I'm mostly ok with that. Not because I'm going through withdrawls by any means-I have enough stash built up that I'm comfortably knitting away with plenty of choices and am nowhere near the bottom. Even if I was, I have plenty of fiber to spin up that satisfies two needs, the spinning and then the resulting yarn.

I know a lot of the lull in most dyer's sales has been because of the economy. That's affected some of my sales at SWAK, but since I mostly sell to have a bit of extra cash, I'm ok with that for now.

Even though the reasons are different, I've noticed people talking about this on Ravelry. Anybody else glad that they have enough stash built up to support their habit through tough economic times?


faerielady said...

I promise you, my stash is saving my sanity, especially since buying new stash isn't going to happen any time soon.

Carol said...

I'm glad for sure!