Sunday, February 20, 2005

I have returned!

...After the horrible thing that happened to my computer. Our video card fried about three weeks ago, and we replaced it just a day or so ago. So Whoot! we have a computer again!

And now for something different-I have finished projects! I finished my Hurry Up Spring! Armwarmers from S&BA. I have also finished my headset bag with the skull and crossbones design, and the hat and scarf set that I crocheted for Tommy. The pictures will come at a later time as 1)I have not taken said pictures yet 2)I don't feel like cleaning up my desk to set up my camera to download the pictures and 3)I shall be going over to my Dad's place in a little bit.

I am almost done with my fuzzy frog hat, but I need motivation! I haven't seriously knit anything in about a week and a half. I needed to give my hands a break, and after that I haven't started back up again. Ugh! And with so many projects so near to completion! Oh, well-I'll get started on things again this week.

Le sigh-back to the same 'ol grind.

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