Monday, January 24, 2005

Yarn has exploded in my house!

So I went to GourmetYarnCo. today. I wasn't able to get help on the armwarmers, but I did pick up some really cool yarn. I'm going to alter a pattern from SnB and make a knitted 'frog hat' similar to the kitty hat that I made a little while back. I can't wait!

In other news-I have somehow misplaced ALL yes ALL of my knitting notions. Stitch markers, stitch holders, stitch gauges, needle gauges....all gone! The little blue bag that they were in is nowhere to be seen! Darn, now I shall have to go and purchase some more.

Drat the luck. ;)

Oooh...sparkly! Posted by Hello

Good picture of the 'green-ness' that is the yarn Posted by Hello

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Kari said...

So, how are you planning on altering the sNb pattern to make a frog? I was thinking the same thing, but can't really think of how to do it.