Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Oh my goodness, so much scrumptious yarn to talk about!

1. I bought Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool in plum for my mobius for the OK KNIT-OUT! this weekend. This is the class that I am taking with Candace Eisner Strick.

2. I bought Debbie Bliss Merino Aran for the child's hat for the OK KNIT-OUT! this weekend. This is the class that I am taking with Kristin Spurkland!

3. I have bought the books Maggie's Ireland by Maggie Jackson and Knits from the Heart by Kristin Spurkland TO BE AUTOGRAPHED! Where, might you ask? @ the OK KNIT-OUT this weekend, I would reply.

4. There has been much ball windage going on here in the apartment. Usually, this would not be so, however the great Gods/Goddesses of knitting came and with a SMAP! to the head, they proclaimed that my knitting stash should be more organized. So:

...and now, a brief interlude for some stash porn for your viewing pleasure...

there it is. I bought a ball-winder and a swift recently. Does it pass judgement? Will my stash knitting be fruitful?? (BTW, for anyone out there who hasn't tried it-winding skeins to balls is absolutely the most fun that you will ever have if you are an easily amused person. He-hem...)

5. I have started the Branching Out scarf and am working on turning it into a shawl/stole project instead. I have joined the Branching Out knit-a-long, and look forward to this experiment. I'm working it up on the lw yarn I bought from handpainted

I have saved the best for last here. You honestly are not going to believe this:

6. Yesterday, I was extremely sick. Like throwing up all over the place sick. Towards the end of the day, I feel good enough to down some soup. I had bought myself some Campbell's chicken-and-noodle soup earlier in the day between hurling bouts. So Tommy comes out and says, "Why did you buy that when we have perfectly good chicken noodle soup right here in the cabinet?" I say, "Because I didn't know that there was any in there before I went grocery shopping." Tommy replies, "No, I bet you are just a Campbell's whore. You're one of those people who have to have the namebrand. There's no difference between the two."

Now let's pause here for a moment. I was raised on Campbell's chicken noodle soup, and there distinctly is a difference between Campbell's and the cheap stuff. Not to say that there is anything wrong with the cheap stuff or the people who eat it, I'm just stating a fact. Okay, continuing...

Cassa: You're so wrong, there is a difference.
Tommy: You're crazy, you couldn't tell the difference between the two if I put two bowls in front of you.
(surely you can see where this is going from here)
Cassa: Are you willing to wager on that?
Tommy: Sure.
>At this time, Rick calls, who joins the wager.

...So this is how it all started. What was the bet actually for? If I won, the boys bought me two skeins of Koigu in a color of my choice for a pair of socks. If they won, I bought them $20 in their choice of liquor. You know that you are an absolute total yarn slut when you are placing wagers for yarn. Is there an Anonymous group that I could get help with this on? Surely there is someone to help with my yarn addiction.

Either way, the end result was this:


Yes, I won the bet! This is scientific evidence that there is a difference between Campell's soup and the cheap stuff....and also that there is absolutely no hope for me and my addiction.

More on the knitting retreat as it happens-DAY AFTER TOMORROW!


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Cat said...

MMMM Koigu! The colors are lovely!