Monday, October 10, 2005


(Cry of the Earth)
C. Gimenez

You crumple me up like paper,
Cut me in half-
Desecrate me.
So few who understand,
See this beauty-
Venerate me.
You tie me down as your prisoner
Tied down with wires-
Frustrate me.
Wrap me up with miles of grey
Flattened over carelessly-
Suffocate me.
You drain me dry from the inside
Ignore my cries-
Obliterate me.

What will happen when there are no more planes to travel mile after mile? They circle me until I become dizzy, hypnotized with the number of them. You know I counted them at first-one, three, ten, one hundred sixty five, seven thousand forty nine. I couldn’t count any more. You tried so hard to escape me, not realizing that you were raping me while reaching for those stars.

I used to be able to see them; stars. I’ve forgotten what they look like; I’ve been covered with mile after mile of concrete that I can’t see through. The towers built on me reach so high that I’m sure you can. Why can’t you share that with me? Why do you cloud my air so thick that if I weren’t strangled with the wires crossing me every which way I would cough when I sought to breathe?

Breathe! I remember what that felt like before there were bombs exploding, concussions knocking that air from me, crashes following each other so fast that it seemed like you were all racing to see who could kill the other first. Faster…faster…in a hurry to die with your death wish pounding in my head. No matter how hard I cry you don’t listen. You pump my blood to fuel the machines of your own demise.

I will someday have my revenge.

Silence falls-
No one left-
It starts again,

New things emerge,
Flawed yet perfect.
They will not destroy,
They will not molest.
Peace will come


-Knitting content later.

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