Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Finished Objects Report!

So I didn't win the craft competition at work, even though there are plenty of people who felt like my beaded dance costume or my new traditional Nordic hat should have won. Oh well, I think I'll make a Great American Aran Afghan and enter it in the state fair this next upcoming year. But in the meantime:

I did actually finish the hat! It took long enough, but now that it's done, I want to make another!

And now for the surprise I've been working on.

I made a felted bag for my spinning wheel! I beaded a butterfly onto it (beading on felt was a new experience) in roughly 9 hours. I'm definitely pleased with the results. The bag will hold my spinningwheel oil and hook, that way I'm not always paranoid that the oil will get stepped on, or the cat will run off with the hook!

Oh, and there were lots of these little guys running around the call center the other day:

Lots of parents dressed up their young'uns and brought them for trick or treating. It was lots of fun, and it looked like the kids had a great time.

That's a picture that I took last night from a hill in Midwest City. The sky was beautiful, and I'm glad I was able to take a decent picture of dusk.

Fall is definitely here.

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Cat said...

That hat and bag are great!