Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I know you want to see a FO

(and no, I'm not talking about a flying object)

I recently found out about the Red Scarf project, hosted by Norma. I joined up right away, and here's why:

My DH, Rick, was adopted at birth. He was very lucky, in two ways. Not only did he escape never being born, as his birth mother had planned to abort him, when she did decide to adopt him out, he didn't end up in an orphanage. Rick had an adoptive Mother and Father to care for him as he grew up, and the emotional support that knowing a family (whether they are in this country or state or not) is cheering you on and believes in you can give.

In my mind, I can see a different senario playing itself out. I could see Rick somehow struggling through his life and when he finally makes it to college feeling like he's in some strange dream where you're trying to make it to the end of a long hallway with your escape from a long, hard life at the end. Can you imagine yourself in that situation? I know that if Rick had been in that situation, getting a care package with something handmade in it would have meant the world to him.

Like I said, Rick got lucky. There are plenty of people who didn't get lucky in life and got dealt a harder hand than he did. That's why I'm knitting for the Red Scarf project, and that's why I think you should, too.

I made a button for the Red Scarf project with Rick in mind. I wanted to find a nice, red orchid to put in the button, but I think a rose for Valentine's Day, when the care packages will be delivered will work just fine. Take the button and join.

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Norma said...

You made a beautiful button and wrote a lovely story about why you're taking part in the Red Scarf Project. I'm going to put the button in the Red Scarf blog and link to your entry. Thank you.

gale said...

A beautiful post. Adoption has touched my life, too, that's why I'm so moved by any way to help youth growing up in foster care, and support the Red Scarf project. Thanks .

Anonymous said...

I don't have an anonymous email address so I was wondering if you could send your new address details to Rachel (organiser) and she could then pass them on to me. Sorry to be a pain :(

Hey they will make a great housewarming pressie :)

Doris said...

What a nice post. I linked from the red scarf blog. I make the scarves because I have a son in college who has a friend whose parents are overseas and do nothing to support him. I include him in care packages to my son and his roommate, but it sure makes the situation hit home.