Friday, October 06, 2006

Plus some...

Ok, folks, so here it is, the post where I'm supposed to talk about all of the knitting that I've been doing lately. Let me distract you by pointing you over here to the Eye Candy Friday.

That's a picture I actually took this time last year at my Mom's farm in Wichita, KS. The sunflowers are in bloom again right now, though, so I thought I'd share.

Oh, I also joined a dye-spin-knit along. It's a very long whatever-along, so I should have absolutely no problem finishing it.

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In addition to that, I've been collaborating over on the Procrastinaor's blog. More on that later. This should be very fun.

Oh, you were here for knitting? That knitting that I've been promising for awhile? Oh, I see. Well then, here ya go!

On the left is (yet) another Mason-Dixon washcloth, in the middle is a folded-up potholder (this ended up WAAAAY too big, but Rick likes it, so it's ok), and on the left is a folded-in-half hand towel for the kitchen. All very kitchen-y.

What I have found is that I now have 13 Mason-Dixon ball-band dishcloths, and I have to pick the three dishcloths that I want to send away to a new home for the dishcloth exchange. It's only fair since I knit them my new home, and they're all infused with the good-excited energy that I was knitting with before we moved. I would feel like I was cheapening the experience by knitting all new ones. (In case you're wondering, Rick has not been permitted to use any of them, yet.)

Speaking of which, Rick and I are both exhausted from unpacking. At one point after we moved in, Mom helped Rick hook up our washer and dryer. I have been doing laundry like MAD. MAD I tell you! The washer we have is freakin' ENORMOUS compared to our apartment washer. We're talking GIGANTOR here folks! Another plus is that right after we moved, Mom and I painted the laundry room bright teal and sponged over it with a gold glaze. It looks so cheery in there!

There was a mishap, however. The drainage hose was not secure when they set it up and it flooded the laundry-room, kitchen, and dining room before anyone realized what was happening. Luckily Dad saved the day with his dry/wet shop vac and steam vac. Yay Dad!

Speaking of which, I'm off to go switch over some of the above said laundry in my nice, new, happy laundry room.


Procrastiknitter said...

Laundry is the worst when you move. I remember once we moved in July I ended up doing about 10 loads in one day. YUCK! But I bet it won't take as long in the Gigantor washer! Hee hee.

I stopped by to see if you could email me at my regular email I check everyday

Also how about the "Soaring Eagles Project"?

Carol said...

Awww, your first flood in your new house! Congrats! Sounds like you're having fun. Hope you enjoy "playing" in your new house. Look forward to seeing the results of the new KAL.

Katt said...

Hi there! I am the person you were sending your dishcloths to..Was wondering if you had mailed them if so when? So I can keep an eye out (I dont check my po box everyday)..

Your little puppie is gorgeous too!