Wednesday, October 11, 2006


So, my hard drive on my lap-top is dying. It's usually a bad sound when it makes sounds when it spins. It lost my husband's profile, and for some reason won't let me download and/or upload at various times. I also have a hard time loading some sites (including email). So if something happens and you email me or are expecting something from me, and I for some reason have either:
a)not answered you
b)not gotten to you
please don't feel bad. I probably can't access whatever it is that I need for you.

I am supposed to get my new hard-drive tomorrow, and should be back up by Friday. So for now I have access to myspace and AIM.

Hrumph. Thank the Yarn Gods for external hard-drives.


Procrastiknitter said...

Hmph! Well that kind of stinks! HOpe it's all better soon, because I NEED you to make me a button! LOL

FaerieLady said...

Well at least you haven't copied me and done the coffee + laptop dance...

Carol said...

See ya Friday! Hope it works out.