Thursday, October 19, 2006

Why I am in tech support (or, why I hate calling tech support)

So, for the past week and a couple of days now, I have been able to actually use anything other than a few basic applications on my laptop, accessing AIM, Blogger, and a couple of other websites. I have been unable to use my email, any of my photo-editing software, and pretty much 80% of websites out there. My hard-drive randomly spins and makes a strange scritching sound, and HP knows about it.

They say, 'yeah, sure, we know your hard-drive failed, but we're backed up at the warehouse and there's nothing that we can do to get you your order faster'. This was after the 8th call up there to find out why I had not received the hard drive that they had promised me LAST WEEK. I ordered a faster speed notebook hard-drive from, and they will have that one to me MUCH faster than I am expecting the one from HP at this point. I should be getting it tomorrow. When I get the hard-drive from HP, I plan on just using it as an external and putting it in a case.

Again, I am sorry if you have emailed me and I didn't respond, as I am only able to check my email at my workplace during my free time (which is unheard of in my department), and if I was supposed to get something for you or anything like that, I appoligize. (This includes you, dishcloth swap pal! I was able to get your address finally from my email on Tuesday, but when I took it to FedEx, they said that they couldn't deliver to a P.O. Box....didn't know that. I will be sending it the fastest route possible from USPS on Saturday morning, since I work the same hours as the post office right now. I am so sorry-I would have emailed, but... see above explanation. I'll be sure to throw some extra goodies in your package to try to make up for it being late)

I'm sure everyone wants to hear about knitting, right? Well, since I did the finishing on my dishcloth swap pals' dish-cloths first in anticipation of sending them (two weeks ago), I hadn't yet done the finishing on the ones for my husband. I did the last one last night, wahoo! I also started my first hat for the Soaring Eagles Project, and am about half-way through. I am making it out of superwash Cascade 220, in a teal color. I am making it a normal, rolled brim hat. I would show picture...but my laptop would revolt.

Also, my dishcloths from my pal came in. WOW. I was unaware that people in Australia didn't use their knitted dishcloths. I can see why! The yarn used to make mine was Pachuko cotton, tres magnifique! My pal was Shazza and she also made me some stitch markers, and sent me some Australian chocolate (YUM!). Thank you so much! I will post the picture that I took of the package contents when I get my hard-drive in.

A final note: I finally paid off my Louet spinning wheel, wahoo! I went to the spinning night at Wanda's Mountainview Weavery Monday night, and it was a lot of fun. Wanda had also gotten a missing bolt for my wheel in that we had ordered awhile back and so now I have a working swift attachment for it as well. Yay! I splurged while I was there and bought some of the fabulous Kae's fiber. I bought a silk/falkland mix that is kinda pink/fuscia, some 100% falkland in the Muppet Guts colorway, another 4 oz. of falkland that is dyed in a colorway that I think resembles 'Kermit's Guts' or frog guts, and a silk cap that is absolutely gorgeous. It's so pretty, you'll have to wait until I can show you a picture, I can't describe it and do it justice.

So hopefully on the agenda for Friday: Get new hard-drive, post lots of pictures, create buttons for the Soaring Eagles Project. Oh, and work. You can definitely tell I have my priorities straight.


KatyaR said...

Dang it--I need more Muppet guts! I need to email Kae. I want to make a baby sweater for a friend, and I don't think I have enough. I loved spinning that Falkland--it was really nice fiber.

Katt said...

oooh I look forward to getting my dishcloth parcel!

Tis ok...Its not your fault your puter died...I look forward to getting it though! I am all excited.

Let me know when you have mailed it though so I can keep an eye out for it.


Sharon said...

Ooooh so glad you got your parcel and that I don't have to be anonymous anymore ;)

Hope the puter is all sorted out soon, take care xx