Monday, January 22, 2007

Dye, Felt, Knit? Oh, Dear.

So, I think I've forgotten what I was supposed to be doing here. I dyed the fiber and carded fiber, and did I spin it? Not yet, no. Instead I took the waste from the carding, dropped by Hobby Lobby...and....voila!

Yeah, I picked up a Clover felting tool. They were selling a brush thing that's supposed to go with it, but the brush was something like 18 bucks! I happened to remember that you could do the same thing with a layer of thick foam (3.45 in the sewing section). Uh, huh. I'm not all about the crazy expensive, not-necessary tools.

I made the felted heart for hubby, but he doesn't know yet. :)

When I return: Of Pillowcases and Silk


Anonymous said...

Your heart is very prettiful!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Eye and "heart" candy! What a bonus! Hey, I see Mom's armwarmers are only 25%.... :(
Miss you!!! Mom in Kansas

Carol said...

Very pretty! And nothing goes to waste:)