Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Please wear your hard-hats!

My blog transferred over to the New Blogger today, and deleted all of my customized changes. This makes me very sad, and is a pain, because now I get to pick through my old template to get back a lot of the things that I had done to my blog back on Blogger beta. If after awhile you notice that something looks strange to you, please give me a shout through my email in the profile so that I can fix it.

Thank you for your patience!


Dave said...

So far it looks good, but you might want to change the setting for the Archives.

Sooner Fan said...

I agree it looks very similar so I would say you have done a great job in transitioning. I would mention one of the nice things about the new blogger is the ease of moving your items around in the template. So all those side bar items can be put in any order you want with a simple drag and drop. Have fun and keep up the good work.

Sooner Fan said...

Now that I look at the page I'm typing on, I notice the comments look a bit different where you usually have the typing area to the right with all the previous comments on the left. It seems like the previous comments are simply pushing the typing area down instead. This may have been intentional, but thought I would mention it.