Wednesday, February 21, 2007

No idle hands around here!

(Photo-intensive post to follow. Sorry, dial-up!)

(edit to add: I think I got the issue fixed with my disappearing pictures. They'd be there for an hour and then disappear! How strange. Should be working now!)

Whew! Have things been busy around here! Rick is sick and laying on the couch right now, so I thought I'd take a break and take some photos of what we've (yes, we've) been up to.

First, I finished the silk from Carol's in the Crown Jewels color-way. There are a total of 374 yards of silky goodness. This is what it looked like before:

...and since I promised pictures of silk and pillowcases awhile back:

I've been working on some embroidery. I am starting small and just working on a set of pillowcases for the spare bedroom/craft room.

More recently, I've finished spinning the silk/falkland mix from Fae that I think looks like mint chocolate chip ice cream. I ended up with 384 yds. Wanna see?

Here's one a little closer up:

Rick and I have also been doing some recycling around the house. There were some horrid bathroom mirrors up on the wall facing the toilet in both of the bathrooms in our house. Who wants to see themselves using the restroom? I don't understand the logic of this, since it's not like someone is going to sneak up on you or anything. So we took the mirrors down, got some glass cutters and some tools used for tile mosaic, and got busy.

After getting busy, we felt the need to enjoy the fruits of our labor, and made some of these:

The one above was the one that I made, with the vine and the flower in the pot.

This is the one that Rick made:

Can you see the dragon in his design? The directions for the concrete said that the stepping-stones wouldn't be ready to walk on for two weeks, so out in the garage they go to wait.

We've also had some recent additions to the house. Meet Artsy-Fartsy Marcie:

She is a sock monster that I made after recently discovering the book Stupid Sock Creatures. It's such a wonderful book! Marcie got such a warm welcome that Rick helped me make her a friend, Vincenzo.

Rick decided that he would be the organizer for the sock-monster mafia. He's been watching a bit too much of the Godfather movies lately.

Tommy wanted to have one, too. So I taught him how to do most of the sewing, helped a little bit, and he came up with:

I don't recall his name, but Tommy has him perched at his desk at work, so he doesn't socialize too much with Marcie and Vincenzo.

I have three bobbins for my louet that are empty, and another two days to watch Rick. I'm off to go shop my stash!

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Sweet Stitching Betties said...

OK, here I am at work (shhhh) trying to catch up and I can not see the photos! What a tease. I'll have to come back when I get home, cause I know I'm missing some good stuff. Godfather and Sopranos inspire some really cool stuff;)