Monday, February 26, 2007

We love Spring!

I've been stuck at home taking care of Rick for awhile and it seems as though Spring arrived while we were indoors!

I started by doing a little Spring cleaning in my wip bin, and found a washcloth I had just started made out of Tweedy Cotton Classic by Tahki. I used the leaf lace washcloth pattern from a Fiber Trends leaflet 'Bathing Beauties'. Some amount of time later, I finished the washcloth.

There's the far-away picture, and for those of you who like artsy photos:

Blog post derailment:
I bought the soap from here. I use their soap all the time (in fact, there may be some felting soap expeditions once I can get my hands on a bamboo sushi-mat). Go buy some, it's great and way worth it.

This morning when I got up, I saw Rick off to work, looked out back, and saw something growing out by our tree!

The flowers were planted by the former owners of our house, but it's nice to keep finding these surprises-I love crocuses! I'm amazed that Noir hasn't eaten them yet.

Oh, the sock? I knit that out of Tofutsies by SWTC, and Alison's free ankle-sock pattern. I keep finding that I start other socks that I am in love with, and end up ripping them because of sizing issues. I have tiny calves with even tinier ankles and I'm never quite satisfied with how the bulk of some socks look on my legs. I have discussed this with Fae when I tried to knit Monkey by Cookie, and I may end up trying to alter my needle choices from what the pattern calls for. I also purchased Favorite Socks recently, and may play around with socks soon in an attempt to get some of the sock yarn sitting stagnant in my bins used up.

I leave you with a picture that should have been an Eye Candy Friday, however, since I found them today, it is going to be a NATURE MONDAY!


KatyaR said...

Your flowers are so pretty--what a great surprise. Happy Spring!

Carol said...

What beautiful socks you have growing under the tree! And you knit some flowers? Both lovely-sorry for being such a wiseguy, I'm beat from the weekend and that lacy cloth just made me all happy. Seriously, nice knitting! And lavender with lemon, that sounds nice, I like both; must be very soothing.

Procrastiknitter said...

Happy Spring! I'm so glad that the cold blast is over! Now, let's just pray for no tornadoes!