Monday, March 05, 2007

Nature Monday Part 2!

Ok, for those of you here for the knitting, I'll make this short and sweet for you. I have done nothing other than knit and frog the second sock that matches the sock from my last post. I have knit 5 short-row heels and only have two from the first sock to show for my efforts. It does not help that I have been trying to knit a) in the wee hours of the morning and b) while I am sick.

The frogging, however, is not exclusive to the sock. I was working awhile back on the 'fitted tank' from Blue Sky Alpacas in dyed cotton last Julyish. I am not quite sure if that was the exact time, but it feels like it was getting knit at the same time as all those kitchen washcloths, so that's what I'll go with. I pulled the project out of the wip bin and came to a horrible realization: I am knitting this project in a totally different size. Rather, I was knitting it in the right size, however, while it was marinating in the wip bin it grew to a much larger size than I was knitting.

So I frogged it and started over....after I'd already finished the front piece and half of the back.

RIP, Not-So-Fitted-Tank, may you be reknit in a much, much smaller size.

Oh, that's right, this is Nature Monday! (I keep hearing in my head, every time I type that a big booming, echoing voice saying NATURE MONDAY-DAY-DAY like in the monster-truck commercials. It's very fun.) There is lots of nature out there, it has definitely been confirmed. My boss at work has been growing an amaryllis from a bulb that I gifted to him for Christmas. It bloomed this week, and was quite spectacular.

It was the talk of the call center. It could almost not have avoided it, being some 2 feet tall, and with blooms so heavy it tipped over.

Also, some more flowers bloomed outside in my back-yard around the tree! I had some pretty little daffodils pop up unexpectedly.

There was also another crocus that bloomed, this one purple.

My crazy dog Noir seems to be leaving them alone for the most part. Well, she sat on the yellow crocuses I showed you last time while trying to get my attention while I was taking pictures of these, but I think they'll survive.

One final note: My heat went out this weekend, and we pretty much were staying warm with our fire-place this weekend. The heater-guy came out today, and I swear it made me so mad when after ten minutes he looked up and said, 'There, now it's working'. A little tube had come just loose enough to get some dust in it that clogged the hose, and kept it from making a little vacuum thing go. Why does it cost so much to unclog a little hose? Not that Rick and I are wanting by any standards, but come on, $85 for ten minutes to unclog a little hose? Oh well, I suppose I just ought to be glad that it wasn't some kajillion dollar part that we would have had to replace. Sometimes life is funny like that.


Carol said...

Wow-What beautiful flowers! $85 for a tiny hose? Incredible huh? If I knew things would be like are today, I would have taken shop in school;-)

Anonymous said...

Sakari is in mid shed, and I have a bag of dog hair for you to spin.. Shall I hold it ransom??? for say... some armwarmers?