Monday, March 12, 2007

Nature Monday: Nature in my House

So, Rick and I recently considered giving Noir away to another home since we felt that we didn't have the time to devote to such a high-energy dog. Well, since then, we have been working a LOT more with her to bring her in the house so that we can still devote time to her, but on our terms (because frankly, I broke down every time that giving her away was mentioned as an option). We have been bringing her inside increasing the increments of time every time that we bring her in. So far she's made it to about 15-20 min before she freaks out and has to go back outside.

Since today is Nature Monday, I thought I would share pictures of Noir, the recent nature in my house.

Op! Missed!

Gaahhhh! Stay still you crazy dog!

You've got the right idea now.

Whew, finally!

A couple of weeks ago, Rick and I took a trip to the optometrist and I found out that I am far-sighted, but only enough so that it shouldn't bother me unless I look at a computer for 8-10 hours a day.


So my glasses came in and I picked them up today. The last little part of me that was not a geek left me as I walked out of the optometrists' office.

But hey, maybe it'll help me read my knitting patterns without having to hold them at arms length.

Speaking of which, I ran in to Gourmet Yarn Co. today, chatted with some of the nice ladies that were hanging out there, and they recommended this book, while I was thumbing through some of the other lace pattern-books . If you don't have it yet and you like to knit lace, run out and get it NOW. There was not a single lace pattern in this book that I did not like. I love it IloveitIloveit!

In fact, I'm going to go dive into my laceweight bin and see what I come up with.


Dave said...

Those glasses are AWESOME!!! You look great!

soxchik said...

Nice glasses. And I LOVE the Victorian Lace book !

Carol said...

You look great in your glasses! I agree, the book is a keeper! What breed is Noir? She looks like a sweetie...