Monday, March 19, 2007

Monday...and a Little bit of Nature

So Rick and I went on a date today, which is always nice to do. I reminded him that he owed me a sushi dinner since we didn't go eat sushi for our anniversary and he had promised me we would. So we went to Sushi Neko, our favorite sushi restaurant, which is where my nature for Nature Monday came from.

There was a lovely crocus on the table in what I believe was a little sake flask. Our food was prettily displayed as well.

Yes, those are shrimp heads and tails at the bottom of the large plate. When we had finished eating the rest of the sushi, we lined the tails up with the heads diagonally on the plate. Our waiter was quite amused with that.

There was even a bit of beauty outside of the restaurant.

That is a mural that I've admired every time we've eaten there and have told myself that I would take a picture of it before it completely flaked away. It is in the alley in-between Sushi Neko and it's neighboring restaraunt. Even though it's artist took some liberties with it compared to the original, I think that it is quite nice.


lisa said...

Yum! I love sushi!

Carol said...

Very nice! I love food you can play with:) Good thing you didn't have the octopus that night;) I love a good sushi mmm.