Monday, March 26, 2007

Gardens are Fun! (a Nature Monday special)

So Saturday afternoon it occurred to me that it was Spring! Spring! Glorious Spring! Spring of pollen and trees and allergies and....gardens! I caught the fever, Spring fever! There it was, perfect, lurking in my own very front yard-a poor tossed-aside garden area that was covered in garbage trapped down by dead plant matter and darkening my door-way. It was ripe for the renovating, ripe for the planting. Sunday I got up, took Rick to work, and ran as fast as I could to TLC, one of our local garden centers. I bought plants, lots of them and when I got home, I got right to work!

Here's the bad news: I was in such a frenzy of buying plants and clearing out the old garden and planting them that I neglected to make mental notes of what most of the things I planted were. Oops! So this spring and summer should be an adventure for Nature Mondays here on the blog. Maybe I should make a section on the blog called 'What am I?' with pictures so that people can tell me what my plants are if they know. Hmm.

Also, our room-mate helped me clear out some sod so that I could put in the mosaic stepping stones Rick and I made awhile back. I planted some hardy path-plants that could take some abuse by being stepped on every now-and-then and put it in the corner there.

In addition and almost right on queue with the planting of the front garden, this flower began to bloom in a bush along the back fence. I am thinking that it is honeysuckle with the way that it is growing, and is possible a breed Lonicera x americana

Not much happening on the knitting front, however. Lots of starts, few finishes. Isn't that the way of Spring, though?


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See how behind I am? That is a beautiful shot of a flower with the others in the background! Your stones look nice together too!