Monday, April 30, 2007

No Room at the Inn!

Nature Monday returns:

The title has got to be how that poor turtle was feeling as he was looking for a place to sun-bathe. This picture was taken at the Crystal Bridge, the botanical gardens here in OKC during the Arts Festival this weekend. (Lots of fun, btw)

Lots of knitting has been going on at Chez Orchid! (I finally have something to show, whew!) I can't show you everything yet, but here is a wash-cloth that I knit in the car on the way to see my Mom last weekend. Can you see the fairy?

The pattern can be found here. It was a lot of fun to knit and was very fast. The down-side to that is that the washcloth is fairly small. It will make a nice face-cloth, though.

Oh, yeah, that Chevron Stripes towel from MDK? Done.

I enjoyed knitting this, too, and I may knit a couple of the Moss Grid Hand Towels (also in MDK-boy am I on a kick or what?) to match.

Oh, and the artsy shot:

Do you remember me saying that there were also bath-mats awhile back? Well, I finally started on Absorba, The Great Bathmat (not kidding, that's the name of the pattern in MDK). It's for the same bathroom, but the colors in the photo are a bit off. There's more yellow in the green and it's not as dark. It's not the same color as the green in the Chevron Stripes Towel, but it's close enough to make me happy.

It's knitting up super-fast, too. I'm knitting it with four strands of kitchen cotton (peaches 'n creme or sugar 'n cream, which one escapes me) and size 13 needles. It had better be moving fast. I am hoping to have it knit by next weekend.

Next, what I did for Earth Day or our trip to Wichita.


soxchik said...

I love the faerie face cloth, love the turtle action, and I really, really, really, want to make an Absorba the Great mat. The MDK book changed how I look at washcloths, blankets and towels forever.

Anonymous said...

I totally want to make a bathmat now! What's MDK? I love that towel!