Sunday, April 22, 2007

Earth Day

(Check out the details here)

Absence of Sound

Before the absence of sound
Look around
We are up to our ears in waste-
Bury it deep, pour it in the ground
into the Mother.
Our Mothers cry
How will we tell the children?
Someone figure it out,
To keep our children’s children from crying
Why didn’t you tell us now?
Instead we spike the ground
While planting spikes that tower high
They won’t understand, I can hear them screaming
Why? Why? Why?
But don’t you hear her whispers
Too weak to tell us to stop.
Scary masks with painted faces
Won’t warn them from digging.
So we keep going, moving, taking
No dropping until there’s nothing left
All we’ll breathe in is dust
As she sits in our ashes dead
We’ll pile high our rusty towers
Climbing towards the sky
Move along, there’s nothing more to see here, folks
Move along, lets go forget
Until we are reminded some distant day
Once we’ve moved along and our children play
We’ll all be screaming
Why didn’t they tell us now?
Before the absence of sound.


It's Earth Day so go plant a tree, a flower, recycle or something otherwise beneficial to our planet. Nature Monday will commence next week. For now, I think this needs to stay up. Happy Earth Day folks.


Carol said...

What a beautiful poem. It should be on a world flag, we seem to need so much reminding.

Carol said...

Thanks for the well wishes:) There were times when I didn't think it would happen.