Monday, May 14, 2007

Falling off the bandwagon

This is a cluster of lovely little pink pentas that are fairly new to my garden, but seem to be doing very well.

They took the place of my passion-flower vines that were getting too much sun in this location, so they got moved to the side-garden where they were promptly feasted upon by slugs. Oh, well. I'm hoping that there is enough of them left for them to survive.

Now that the obligatory Nature Monday picture is taken care of, Rendezvous was this weekend. There is a lovely picture of Fae, Jenger, and I on Fae's blog. I also got the chance to meet up with Plains Girl while I was there! My brave, sick husband decided that he wanted to come with me (probably to monitor my spending) as over the past week or so, I have fallen off of the stash-diet bandwagon. I was doing so well, and fell so hard. Just more evidence that it's not even worth trying to resist the call of fiber, it will have it's way with you eventually. The longer the wait, the harder the fall.

This is a picture of my recent fiber/yarn purchases. Not all of the fiber is shown, but all is represented in smaller amounts. (R) indicates a Rendezvous purchase. They are as follows:

Top row-
1. 3 cones of Peaches and Cream Double-Worsted weight from their online store (meant for another Absorba the Great Bathmat)
2. Partial batt of rambouillet/silk blend from Crystal Creek Fibers (I bought 20 oz of this-the fiber is sitting on one of the giant batts from their Patrick Green Elsacard)
3. 6.2 oz of Karaoke fiber from Southwest Trading Company from Weavery at Indian Meridian (R)
4. 1 cone of Jaggerspun Zephyr from Sarah's. (Got lost the first time in the mail-Sarah made it right)
5. 3.2 oz of bamboo/silk blend from Rainbow Clouds (R)
6. 4 oz of falkland fiber from Fae's etsy
7. Sock yarn from Fae
8. Ashland Bay firestar (R)
9. 6 oz of alpaca/silk blend from JRAlpacas (Oklahoma grown!) (R)
10. 6 oz of border leicester/wensleydale blend from an unknown source (to be blended with the blue/green firestar) (R)
11. 9.3 oz of silk/wool blend Soft Music from the silkworker. (I waited SOOOO long to get this!)

Man, did I do some damage. Where am I going to put this stuff?

There has, however, been some spinning as a result of the above purchases.

I have a feeling that I am going to be busy for a very, very long time.


soxchik said...

Gorgeous Haul !!!!!! I am soooooo jel!!!!!

FaerieLady said...

Hon, busy is good :-)

Carol said...

Holy sheep batman! That's alot of fiber there! May refer my husband here the next time I fall? Don't you just love the P&C double worsted? I got some too:) I look forward to what you make of all that lovely fiber!