Monday, May 21, 2007

In barely under the wire

The bonds of matrimony are like any other bonds - they mature slowly.
Peter De Vries

So my Mother in Law and Father in Law are in town. It escapes me how someone from Saudi Arabia just 'appears' on your font door-step, but if anyone can manage to do it, those two have. Wednesday afternoon we got a call from them saying that they were on their way to the house...we were at work. We went to go visit them after work, and look what they brought with them:

Now Rick and I have been waiting for 2 1/2 years for our wedding bands, and it's quite a story. My engagement ring (in the middle of the two smaller rings) was designed by Rick when his Father was still alive (the Father in Law mentioned above is Rick's Step-Father). Rick's Dad had one of his rings melted down to have the band made and had found a jeweler who was willing to make the ring and follow Rick's design. He had also wanted to have out wedding bands made, but passed away before Rick and I were able to be married. Rick's Mom and Step-Father live in Saudi, and offered to have our rings made there. I sent them pictures of what I had in mind, and Rick told his Step-Father to design his. They had the rings made, and shipped them to us, however, they never arrived. We presume that they were stolen. Rick's parents had the rings re-made, and told us that they would hand-carry them to us when they returned to the U.S. So, there they are. Rick's name is in Arabic on his ring, with his name engraved in English on the inside. Mine have my name engraved in English on the inside of one, and Arabic in the other to tie the two together. I'm sure that Rick's Dad would be pleased to see them together like that.

Also, I received a package from my friend Sue!

It's all sorts of Japanese stuff, and when I say 'all sorts' I mean it! She sent me a care package in exchange for a shirt (plus some) that will be in the mail tomorrow (In-Laws coming into town delayed the sending of your package-sorry Sue!). Thank you thank you thank you!

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Anonymous said...

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Meme misery loves company.

soxchik said...

Oh I love your custom rings. When Jerry was in Dubai, he said the gold jewelry there was stunning. I'm glad you like the Japanese "stuff". I had my assistants helping with your selections that day, can you tell?

Carol said...

How gorgeous! What a nice and unique set-I sure hope the others turn up someday (ya never know). Great haul too!;)Enjoy...