Monday, June 04, 2007

Rockin' Robin

And now for the distracting photo:

I took this picture last week while I was up in Wichita, and every time that I look at it I think of that damnable Rockin' Robin song (tweedle dee deet!). These baby barn swallows were nesting up on my Mom's back porch, and every time I went to go take a picture and the flash went off, all 5 of them (there's one behind the farthest to the left-you can barely make out his beak) would start chirping like crazy and poke their heads out of the nest. It was so cute!

I hoped that it was so cute that you might forgive me for not posting a picture of the mostly-sock that I've been knitting on. I have a whole excuse list ready for you:

1) My Mom came into town (she really did)
2) Monsters keep stealing my camera. Um...both of them.
3) It keeps raining and I can't take an artsy photo of it in my garden (it really does!)
4) The fish in my fish-tank are holding it for ransom. I can't give them what they want because I don't speak fishese. Anybody know what blub....blubblub....blub means?
5) The birds really are cute (you have to admit...)


soxchik said...

I love their mouths!

Carol said...

blub....blubblub....blub means we want our MTV! That is THE most adorable photo! I love birdies :>